A Look Back at 2017

We look forward to creating more of these sweet memories with our audiences in 2018 Here's a clip looking back at our last season along with Chopin's Waltz Op.64 No.2 played by Emir Gamsızoglu - Happy New Year! https://youtu.be/0N_DlQulUp4 2018 starts with our Manhattan Soiree Concerts featuring a great program of Aquarius Composers; Mozart, Schubert &…Read more A Look Back at 2017



It turns out Frederic Chopin would like to hear his music and also catch the Oscars. So, we decided to host a double party! The concert will start at 5:30pm at Greenwich House Music, right after the concert we'll host an Oscar Party at Caffe Vivaldi. Don't miss this chance to experience arts from two…Read more CHOPIN’s BIRTHDAY CONCERT & Oscar Party!