A Musical & Cultural Perspective into the Refugee Crisis

Refugee crisis is not a new issue, in 1831 Chopin became a refugee as well. Come to Lincoln Center on Friday and join the discussion.  Get your discounted online ($25) tickets at www.chattypianist.eventbrite.com  Check out pianist/composer Emir Gamsizoglu's message on our channel; We'll have an after - party at Seven's Turkish Restaurant; on 72nd Street. We made a…Read more A Musical & Cultural Perspective into the Refugee Crisis


Chopin’s Notebook #ARefugeeinParis

Chopin's Notebook series along with composer's music performed by Emir Gamsizoglu is now on our Youtube channel. The series offers a look into composer's inner life. Gamsizoglu's new Chatty Pianist concert A Refugee in Paris; Chopin is about the life and legacy of the celebrated composer as a refugee running away from his home country…Read more Chopin’s Notebook #ARefugeeinParis

How to BLUFF About Classical Music

Pianist/composer Emir Gamsızoğlu started to play the piano at the age of 20, after quitting his career as a professional basketball player in Turkey. He created the "Chatty Pianist" concept to attract listeners of all ages and backgrounds to classical music. Chatty Pianist concerts are engaging the audiences with “Chatty” slideshow presentations featuring fun facts,…Read more How to BLUFF About Classical Music

Classical Sundays with special guest; acclaimed opera singer Burak Bilgili

This weekend, our dear friend acclaimed Turkish bass Burak Bilgili is joining us in our Classical Sundays at Caffe Vivaldi. Bilgili is an internationally acclaimed bass who made his Teatro de Scala debut in 2002 (Lucrezia Borgia) and Metropolitan Opera debut in 2004 (Don Giovanni). Burak is a recipient of numerous awards starting with BBC's Singer of…Read more Classical Sundays with special guest; acclaimed opera singer Burak Bilgili

Classical Sundays – New York City!

After a successful tour to Istanbul, our Chatty Pianist concerts are back in New York!  Pianist/composer Emir GAMSIZOGLU's Classical Sundays continue in West Village's historic Caffe Vivaldi, known from movies by Woody Allen and Al Pacino. "What can be better than that on a Sunday in New York?" Tracy's New York Life Join us on Sunday…Read more Classical Sundays – New York City!


As CLASSICAL FOR ALL we are getting ready to celebrate our second anniversary of our classical Sundays at CAFFE VIVALDI. Our independent, intimate and donation based concerts reached hundreds of New Yorkers and we are proud to become the longest ongoing event series in the performance history of Caffe Vivaldi. Circle your calendars for April…Read more CAFFE VIVALDI REPERTOIRE 2014-2016

“Sunday in New York!” via Tracy’s New York Life

On an unusually warm Sunday afternoon Tracy Kaler joined us for a glass of Prosecco along with classical music by Chatty Pianist. And here's her impression of a perfect Sunday afternoon in New York! "Every Sunday afternoon, Emir Gamsizoglu plays to a crowd at Caffe Vivaldi. Beyond tickling the ivories, he shares fun facts about the…Read more “Sunday in New York!” via Tracy’s New York Life