A Look Back at 2017

We look forward to creating more of these sweet memories with our audiences in 2018 Here's a clip looking back at our last season along with Chopin's Waltz Op.64 No.2 played by Emir Gamsızoglu - Happy New Year! https://youtu.be/0N_DlQulUp4 2018 starts with our Manhattan Soiree Concerts featuring a great program of Aquarius Composers; Mozart, Schubert &…Read more A Look Back at 2017


A Musical & Cultural Perspective into the Refugee Crisis

Refugee crisis is not a new issue, in 1831 Chopin became a refugee as well. Come to Lincoln Center on Friday and join the discussion.  Get your discounted online ($25) tickets at www.chattypianist.eventbrite.com  Check out pianist/composer Emir Gamsizoglu's message on our channel; We'll have an after - party at Seven's Turkish Restaurant; on 72nd Street. We made a…Read more A Musical & Cultural Perspective into the Refugee Crisis

Chopin’s Notebook #ARefugeeinParis

Chopin's Notebook series along with composer's music performed by Emir Gamsizoglu is now on our Youtube channel. The series offers a look into composer's inner life. Gamsizoglu's new Chatty Pianist concert A Refugee in Paris; Chopin is about the life and legacy of the celebrated composer as a refugee running away from his home country…Read more Chopin’s Notebook #ARefugeeinParis

Frédéric François Chopin ; A Refugee in Paris

Running away from war, Frédéric François Chopin found refuge in Paris. Even though he had a reserved personality, the musical and artistic circles of Paris welcomed him with open arms. His music flourished and had a significant impact on our global culture for centuries to come. If he hadn't run away from Poland, would we even know his name or…Read more Frédéric François Chopin ; A Refugee in Paris

Chopin in New York

** Due to high demand we are extending this program to March 18, 25. Please get your tickets online to secure your seats** After "Chatty Pianist"s fun and inspirational concert "How to Bluff About Classical Music" in Lincoln Center's Bruno Walter Auditorium, we are ready for our annual "Chopin month" programming. For the last six…Read more Chopin in New York

How to BLUFF About Classical Music

Pianist/composer Emir Gamsızoğlu started to play the piano at the age of 20, after quitting his career as a professional basketball player in Turkey. He created the "Chatty Pianist" concept to attract listeners of all ages and backgrounds to classical music. Chatty Pianist concerts are engaging the audiences with “Chatty” slideshow presentations featuring fun facts,…Read more How to BLUFF About Classical Music

Chatty Pianist Salon Concert

Next Friday (16th of December) music lovers in New York will gather around the piano for an intimate salon concert by "Chatty Pianist" Emir Gamsızoğlu. The host of the evening is an avid fan of Gamsızoğlu's concerts at Caffe Vivaldi (2013-16). A retired flight attendant, Ms. Brown says when she used to travel around Europe, she…Read more Chatty Pianist Salon Concert