Chopin’s Notebook #ARefugeeinParis

Chopin's Notebook series along with composer's music performed by Emir Gamsizoglu is now on our Youtube channel. The series offers a look into composer's inner life. Gamsizoglu's new Chatty Pianist concert A Refugee in Paris; Chopin is about the life and legacy of the celebrated composer as a refugee running away from his home country…Read more Chopin’s Notebook #ARefugeeinParis



It turns out Frederic Chopin would like to hear his music and also catch the Oscars. So, we decided to host a double party! The concert will start at 5:30pm at Greenwich House Music, right after the concert we'll host an Oscar Party at Caffe Vivaldi. Don't miss this chance to experience arts from two…Read more CHOPIN’s BIRTHDAY CONCERT & Oscar Party!