Scenes from Scores by pianist/composer Emir Gamsizoglu will premiere on June 8th!

Lonely Souls from pianist/composer and filmmaker Emir Gamsizoglu's film project Scenes from Scores will premiere on June 8th in Gamsizoglu's Chatty Pianist concert at Lincoln Center! Scenes From Scores is an Emir Gamsızoğlu project that started in 1997. As a piano student in Istanbul Conservatory Gamsızoğlu was visualizing music by creating scenes based on how the…Read more Scenes from Scores by pianist/composer Emir Gamsizoglu will premiere on June 8th!


A Look Back at 2017

We look forward to creating more of these sweet memories with our audiences in 2018 Here's a clip looking back at our last season along with Chopin's Waltz Op.64 No.2 played by Emir Gamsızoglu - Happy New Year! 2018 starts with our Manhattan Soiree Concerts featuring a great program of Aquarius Composers; Mozart, Schubert &…Read more A Look Back at 2017


As CLASSICAL FOR ALL we are getting ready to celebrate our second anniversary of our classical Sundays at CAFFE VIVALDI. Our independent, intimate and donation based concerts reached hundreds of New Yorkers and we are proud to become the longest ongoing event series in the performance history of Caffe Vivaldi. Circle your calendars for April…Read more CAFFE VIVALDI REPERTOIRE 2014-2016

Sold-out performance of GENIUS #CHOPIN

Happy birthday Frédéric Chopin ! Here are some photos from our b-day celebrations; GENIUS #CHOPIN; a theatrical concert - Chopin lovers filled Caffe Vivaldi to hear our new work and a great selection of Chopin's pieces. For those of you who missed; join the "Chatty Pianist" for his upcoming Chopin recitals on Sundays; Tickets :

DRAMA in BEETHOVEN – Two More Shows!

So much to celebrate at this time of the year! And here at CLASSICAL 4 ALL we take every opportunity to celebrate the classical composers' legacy. Performing DRAMA in BEETHOVEN in Caffe Vivaldi for the last couple weekends was a delight; great food, a fireplace, friends, stories and Ludwig... a great combination for the holiday…Read more DRAMA in BEETHOVEN – Two More Shows!