We’re taking you back in time to the romantic period with our Schubertiades at Caffe Vivaldi,  one of oldest meeting points for music-lovers in Greenwich Village, New York.


Schubertiade (Oil painting by Julius Schmid)

During Schubert’s lifetime, the beginning of the romantic era, Vienna was the center of music with its entertaining musical evenings. Music lovers used to meet in salons to enjoy a musical program which included pieces from Beethoven (The musical “master” of the time, to whom every composer looked up to), Schubert, Haydn and Mozart, as well as arias from Italian composers. Almost everyone in the city played an instrument, regardless of their social class. Artists were being supported to create work, and the society was encouraged to appreciate art through these entertaining events. Classical music was “hip”. SCHUBERTIADES were informal gatherings of Franz Schubert and his friends enjoying the composer’s music, poetry and dance.

Caffe Vivaldi

Caffe Vivaldi

Our SCHUBERTIADES in Caffe Vivaldi present Schubert’s songs, known with their German name, “Lieder” and chamber music.  Each week we feature an opera singer singing lieder, or chamber musicians playing Schubert with pianist Emir Gamsizoglu at the piano.

Schubertiades 2014-2015 season will start with a special event celebrating George Gershwin’s birthday on September 26th 9:30pm. Check out our full season here.

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