Classical for All’s theatrical portfolio consists of Ege Maltepe’s work as a playwright, director and educator.

  • As a playwright, some of Maltepe’s recurring themes are New York City and urban life, multi-culturality, and women’s issues.
  • Her methods as a director and playwright include creating original work through improvisation.
  • Maltepe trains actors in New York and Turkey with her company Spolin-Ist. Spolin-Ist Players in New York also perform shows based on Spolin Improvisation.
  • Theatrical concerts like Drama in Beethoven, Genius #Chopin, Talking to Schubert, Two Faces/Phases of Schumann are the products of Maltepe’s collaboration with Emir Gamsızoğlu.

To learn more about each individual work, click on the buttons below. If you’re interested in staging one of Maltepe’s plays, or present a theatrical concert please go to the contact page for specific inquiries.

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