Our education portfolio concentrates on three disciplines; music, dance and theater.

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Oya Ballet School was established 50 years ago in Istanbul in 1967, founded by Oya Ölçen and Süheyla Turgutalp. Oya Dance Group performed in the most famous television shows throughout ’70s and ’80s in Turkish National Television (TRT). The group traveled all around Turkey and the world presenting classical, modern and folk dances. Oya Ballet is still one of the most popular dance schools in Turkey.

Spolin-Ist was founded in 2009 in Istanbul. After studying in Paul Sills and Mike Nichols’ The New Actors Workshop in New York, Ege Maltepe became the official translator Viola Spolin’s seminal textbook “Improvisation for the Theater” into Turkish. Spolin-Ist offers Spolin Improvisation classes in New York on a regular basis, and Maltepe often travels to Turkey to open workshops there.

Pianist/composer Emir Gamsızoğlu’s vision of making classical music more “available” for all made him co-create projects like “Unwritten on the Scores”, which was a radio program, then a series of articles, and a stage show for adults and kids. Gamsızoğlu’s Music Appreciation Classes in New York and Istanbul are informal social gatherings that attract music fans of all backgrounds. His Chatty Pianist concept concerts and theatrical concerts are inspired by the same vision; to share the culture of classical music with everyone including those who are not familiar with the genre.

If you would like to host a Spolin Improvisation Workshop, Music Appreciation Class or Chatty Pianist concert, please go to our Contact page to fill the form for specific inquiries.