Scenes from Scores by pianist/composer Emir Gamsizoglu will premiere on June 8th!

Lonely Souls from pianist/composer and filmmaker Emir Gamsizoglu’s film project Scenes from Scores will premiere on June 8th in Gamsizoglu’s Chatty Pianist concert at Lincoln Center!
Scenes From Scores is an Emir Gamsızoğlu project that started in 1997. As a piano student in Istanbul Conservatory Gamsızoğlu was visualizing music by creating scenes based on how the notes in a passage sounded like. He took this ability to another level by creating film scripts out of these scenes. In 2010 he used his first script based on the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.7 on a stage show called “Drama in Beethoven” performed with Ege Maltepe in New York City.
Now after 20 years of using music as a source for scenes and scripts he is releasing his work as a pianist, composer and filmmaker. First release is Lonely Souls derived from Robert Schumann’s Op.23, No.4 Nachtstücke, directed and performed by Gamsızoğlu.
Click here to learn more about Chatty Pianist and get your tickets for this special night of music and film:
Music by Robert Schumann
Actors: Marcia Brown, Cihangir Duman, Aurelie Therezien
Produced by Emir Gamsizoglu & Ege Maltepe
Scenes from Scores_LR
Scenes from Scores on Turkish media // Notalardan Sahneler Milliyet gazetesinde:

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