Rhapsody on Istanbul Tunes; The Sound of Istanbul is the Sound of Love

Listen to the sound of Istanbul and share this music video to join our fight against war and terror with music and culture! Let’s spread the “good”.

Lately Turkey has been on the media as the victim of several attacks. Music and culture is our weapon against wars and heartless political strategies. “Rhapsody on Istanbul Tunes” came out of friendship and natural result of the environment in Istanbul, Turkey where the culture allows artists to bring eastern and western cultures together for centuries. The piece is based on three very famous Istanbul tunes and a Bach style basso continuo. Some of the greatest Western Classical Music composers are quoted in the piano part just like the people of Istanbul crossing the bridge between East and West every single day.

We invite you to share the music that brings us together.

Rhapsody on Istanbul Tunes | Composed by: Emir Gamsızoğlu & Erkin Arslan
Performed by: Istanbul Trio & Chen Halevi
Chen Halevi (clarinet); Deniz Toygür Conus (violin); Cem Çetinkaya (cello); Emir Gamsızoğlu (piano)
Alla Turca Around The World is a Classical for All project.



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