“Drama in Beethoven” in Greenwich House Music

 Fall is here, so is Ludwig!

Our theatrical concert Drama in Beethoven is combining stories with Beethoven’s music. We have an ensemble of actors and baritone Stan Lacy performing with us in our journey to connect with Beethoven’s immortal voice. Please join us on October 16th, 8:00pm in the beautiful and historic Greenwich House Music’s Renee Weiler Hall.

Click here to buy tickets :  http://www.caffevivaldi.com/event/dramainbeethoven/



An die Ferne Geliebte (To the Distant Lover) –  Stan Lacy, baritone

Piano Sonata No. 17 “Tempest” – Along with William Shakespeare‘s The Tempest

Piano Sonata No.7 (2nd Movement) – Along with “Revenge” a synopsis by Emir Gamsizoglu

Piano Sonata No.14 “Moonlight” – Along with “The Time of Love in Vienna” by Ege Maltepe

32 Variations on an Original Theme (Solo Piano)


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