Celebrate the spring in NYC with Classical Music!

Classical Music is for everyone!

CLASSICAL 4 ALL is a 12 hour music appreciation program for all ages and backgrounds! Every program is custom designed by Emir Gamsızoğlu, according to the participants’ personal interests.

Classical 4 All - AprilEmir Gamsızoğlu started to play the piano at the age of 20, after quitting his career as a pro basketball player due to an injury. Apart from his concerts, he’s well-known with his different approach to music education. He’s after creating a personal connection with classical music.

CLASSICAL 4 ALL classes in New York will start in April with a 12 hour program about classical music composers, instruments, notation, and musical forms. Think of this series as a Music 101 class that is not in a ‘classroom’ atmosphere. We will listen, chat, sip our coffee and discover, re-discover the world of classical music.

CONTACT to Enroll: classicalforall@gmail.com


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